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Who We Are

Incorporated in 1994, we have come a long way from our roots. Growing from the days of MRP to ERP transition and the birth of the Internet, we are now a leader in the IT world, working with the latest technologies to innovate and help businesses across the globe evolve. Headquartered in Novi, Michigan with over 2500 Miraclites across the globe, Miracle is a privately owned, minority-certified firm focussed on helping our customers transform digitally.

Miracle has a proven record of evolving over the past three decades to fulfil our customer’s technology needs and deliver with the highest quality. Our Global Delivery Model, with multiple locations worldwide, allows us to provide our customers with cost-effective, high-quality and innovative solutions and services. We are proud to say that we are serving 42 of today’s Fortune 100 and challenge our team members to be innovative with everything that they do.

The Miracle Way

At Miracle, we believe in an Always-Available, Innovation-First approach that enables us to be a trusted partner for our customers in their transformation journeys. We emphasize on putting our customers and employees first, which is at the core of our success as we continue to go above and beyond with game-changing innovations.


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Corporate Principles and Values

At Miracle, our corporate values are an important piece in our overall success as a company. Through our innovation-driven, customer-centric approach, we are constantly looking for new ways to help organizations achieve superior returns on their technology investments. Our employees are given the opportunity to innovate in an open environment that extends all the way to our leadership team, thus allowing us to be nimble, flexible and available for our customers.

Customer First

Above all, everyone at Miracle always put the customer first and emphasize on being proactive for their success

Employee Happiness

Miracle believes in an open culture that allows our employees to thrive and make our customers successful

Continuous Innovation

In an economy where innovation cannot be treated as a luxury, Miracle is obsessed with innovating everyday

Excellence Driven

From our leadership to our global teams, every being within Miracle are passionate to deliver excellence

Socially Responsible

Everything at Miracle revolves around making our environment and communities better through innovation


Miraclites collaborate with each other, our customers and partners to continuously improve with technology

Our Technology Expertise

Cloud and Application Development

Data and Advanced Analytics

Intelligent Process Automation

Hybrid Integration, EDI and API M

AI/ML and Cognitive Computing

Quality Engineering and DevOps

Internet of Things and Blockchain

Enterprise Apps (ERP, CRM, HRIS)

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Our Technology Partners

Miracle has partnered with over 30 of the most advanced, top ranking technology firms, like AWS, Microsoft, UiPath, SAP, and IBM, to support customers in their Cloud, Automation, Data and Integration journeys. Through our strategic partnerships with these top companies, we help our customers to implement and adopt the best-in-class software solutions and services. Being a technology-agnostic solution provider allows us to lead with a solution-first mindset and a passion for adding value to your business.

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Web Based Order Management System for a Leading Custom Apparel Manufacturer

Application Development
Business Challenge

Our customer is a reputed Apparel manufacturer in the athletic industry that produces a wide range of sports apparel including team uniforms, t-shirts, hoodies, fleeces, shorts, pants, and other outerwear with superior grade quality. Their current order management lifecycle is causing numerous challenges, resulting in delays to process the orders received.

They were looking for a modern solution to manage preflight order entry, B2B order linking, manage orders, order status for notes and assets, and integration with backend systems for timely notifications to attain more seamless and efficient business operations.

Our Solution
  • Designed and built an order management system on AWS Cloud that enables multi-role user management with delegated administration
  • Automated order linking for B2B web order with the preflight order to manage the order statuses and its respective assets
  • Used Syncfusion Angular Grid for displaying the orders grid on the landing page along with some customization to fulfill customer requirements
  • Performed multiple iterations and developed apps and other infrastructure in a sprint of 20 weeks that enabled the customer to escalate the managing and processing of orders
Customer Benefits
  • Achieved a fully automated environment with Continuous Integration and Delivery process to manage the order statuses and its respective assets
  • Order requests are now managed and processed through Hybrid Integration infrastructure developed with AWS Cloud and the on-premise corporate network
  • Achieved better communication with customers through API Driven modular architecture
  • Enabled seamless alerts to the customers on the ship-date, invoice, and pre-flight notification
Technology Scope
  • AWS PaaS Serverless Architecture, AWS RDS for SQL Server, AWS Cognito, AWS S3, AWS API Gateway, AWS Systems Manager, Azure DevOps for CI/CD

B2B Integration Modernization for a global Transportation & Logistics Company

B2Bi and Managed File Transfer
Business Challenge

Our customer is a global transportation and logistics company that provides transportation services throughout North America. They were losing tremendous growth opportunities due to a lack of seamless integration and automation capabilities within their enterprise platforms.

They were looking to modernize their legacy applications and integration patterns to allow them to incorporate modern technologies such as Cloud, Web Services, and APIs. Some of their other challenges included,

  • They were looking for a robust compliance within their external partner integrations
  • They wanted a secure and seamless onboarding process for clients, vendors, and partners to integrate with them
  • Their current system lacked automation which is restricting them from moving fast enough for new growth opportunities
Our Solution

Miracle’s Logistics Center of Excellence collaborated with the customer to assist in the modernization of their edge integration platform and re-architected their EDI platform using IBM’s DataPower. Our solution included,

  • Automating the failover, resiliency, and recovery of the platform
  • Deployed Miracle’s Logistics CoE hub members to assist the customer on modernization of legacy applications
  • Created integration flows with multiple backend systems for enhanced monitoring and alerting
  • Replaced and re-architected a secure EDI platform with IBM DataPower
  • Architectured IBM MQ Appliance for highly available messaging environments
  • Assisted in setting standards and processes around DevOps/CI/CD for their integration platform
Customer Benefits
  • The platform helped them achieve better monitoring and alerting across core infrastructure
  • Established a stable B2B platform to handle 20 million transactions per day
  • High availability across distributed EDI environments, leading to isolation and protection of the revenue stream
  • Enabled quicker RTO and RPO with greater capacity
  • Highly available, scalable EDI gateway at the Edge, supporting all external message flows
  • Helped to start the Logistic Center of Excellence
  • No unplanned outages results in missed opportunities resulting in 99.999% uptime
Technology Scope
  • IBM DataPower Gateway, IBM MQ Appliances, IBM Sterling B2Bi

Citizen Chatbot Development Platform for Pharmaceutical Giant

Conversational Chatbots
Business Challenge

Our customer is a global leader in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods. With over 130 years of heritage and over 100,000 employees worldwide, they are truly a leader in their industry.

They were faced with an enormous technical challenge to build and deliver custom chatbots across different business entities inside their organization. Despite having an in-house development team, the traditional methods of developing chatbots from scratch for every business need was slowly translating into a major hurdle for their overall success. They were looking for a custom-built framework and platform that would allow them to rapidly fulfill chatbot demand requests.

Our Solution
  • Analyzed their chatbot projects over the past year and also the ones in the development pipeline to understand common features that business users were requesting
  • Architected and developed a state-of-the-art framework that could enable citizen chatbot developers to build, customize, and deploy chatbots with an intuitive web based interface
  • Continued engaging in continuous development of this product and delivered exciting features like - dialog flows, API connectors, knowledge bases, adaptive cards, voice, and much more
  • Integrations Miracle's mInsights platform to provide insights and analytics on conversational lots from the chatbots including metrics such as user adoption, satisfaction rate and more
Customer Benefits
  • Noticeable increase in the efficiency of the entire chatbot development lifecycle
  • Significant decrease in overall turn-around time for building and delivering chatbots for business use cases
  • A self-serve model for managing knowledge bases resulted in greater adoption of the product across several business entities inside the organization
  • Ability to view near real-time metrics and analytics that visualize how the chatbots are performing
  • Ability to leverage Microsoft's ever-expanding portfolio of cognitive services to develop advanced and user friendly chatbots
Technology Scope
  • Angular, Node JS, Ionic Framework, Amazon AWS Cloud, AWS Lamda, AWS Cognito, Amazon Document DB

Digital Transformation through Real-Time Data Integration for a Global Fast Food Restaurant Chain

EDGE Integration and API M
Business Challenge

Our customer is a renowned fast food chain with over 40,000 restaurants across the globe. They were facing challenges with a legacy data integration platform that was having several limitations including restrictions on data size, utilizing legacy data integration patterns, unable to adopt real time data streams and API integration along with other operational inefficiencies.

They were looking for a modernized solution that not only addresses their current platform issues but also allows them to realize the future needs of their restaurants.

Our Solution

Miracle's Integration Center of Excellence worked along with the customer to analyze platform gaps and architect a highly scalable and secure Data Movement as a Service platform.

  • Built a modern solution that will scale to 40,000 restaurants with about 600,000 endpoints running on a wide variety of operating systems
  • Designed a solution that integrates data from various vendors and Enterprise Applications like Salesforce, Workday, Lawson, mainframe systems, and several others
  • Delivered a multi-cloud solution on Azure and AWS to support various environments ranging from containers to stand alone Windows services running on Windows 2012 and 2016 servers
  • Built a data integration system with High Availability and Fail Over Capabilities to handle large volumes of business critical data
  • Delivered the solution as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in a cloud native fashion to provide business agility and scalability on-demand
Customer Benefits

Through developing this solution the customer achieved the following benefits,

  • Achieved ability to scale to thousands of restaurants across the globe, helping them meet the needs of their future initiatives
  • Able to move millions of real-time messages per day across various heterogeneous endpoints
  • Seamlessly handled a large volume of mission-critical data, ranging from restaurant menu systems to pricing, Merchandising, and several others
  • Unlocked access to unlimited data along with instant, real-time integration of data streams, APIs, and more
  • Integrated data from various vendors (B2B) and Enterprise Applications including Salesforce, Lawson, Mainframe Systems, etc.
  • With Managed File Transfer capabilities, they were able to run an average of 2 million files/day between various endpoints
Technology Scope
  • AWS RDS, AWS EKS, Docker Containers, SCCM, Python, Java, Spring Boot, Angular, Oracle DB, IBM Sterling Integrator, IBM Connect: Direct, IBM Control Center and Azure Monitor