Cloud Engineering and Transformation

Leverage Miraclesoft’s best-in-class talent with a cloud-first, innovation-powered approach to deliver true Enterprise Digital Transformation

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Cloud Engineering and Transformation

Cloud for Digital Transformation

In today’s era of digital transformation, the adoption of cloud is not just a strategic imperative but a necessity. The value of the cloud lies in its flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

According to Gartner, over 85% of enterprises will have implemented cloud technology in one way or another by 2025.

Enterprises today face a critical junction in digital transformation, with struggles in data exploration, infrastructure management and the need for operational flexibility. Embracing a cloud-first, data-driven, and innovation-powered approach is the answer.

Our tailored solutions from helping you choose the right cloud platform of your choice to carefully audit which cloud services are needed to address your current challenge, will help your cloud adoption and thus accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Cloud for Digital Transformation

Our Services and Offerings

The demand for improved customer experiences, new virtual workforce models, and the necessity to be nimble businesses are all key driving factors for cloud adoption. The ability to rapidly innovate and scale digital experiences while ensuring enterprise-grade security and resilience makes a well-thought-out cloud strategy critical for digitally transforming enterprises.

With over 2500 employees who share a cloud-first mindset, our end-to-end services portfolio has empowered numerous Fortune 500 customers to accelerate cloud migrations, deploy cloud-native workloads, enhance security, and drive rapid innovation.

Cloud Adoption and Strategy

Collaborate with our cloud experts to determine cloud readiness, define adoption strategy, and envision governance models with guide rails

Cloud Architecture Advisory

Work with our Cloud Engineering CoE to define your Cloud-First Architecture that will help propel your future transformation needs

Cloud Migration Services

Engage our Migration CoE for Workload Rationalization, App Replatforming, Secure Data Movement, and Cloud Operationalization

Cloud Operations and Security

Leverage our 24/7 cost-optimized, SLA driven Managed Services for cloud operations, HA/DR, service monitoring and security assurance

Cloud Native Digital Products

Deliver modern, digital-scale products and services driven by cloud-native services for computing, networking, storage, analytics, identity, and AI

Cloud and Product Modernization

Transform your enterprise by embracing a cloud-first approach to deliver digital products and services faster, at scale, and with more resilience

Cloud-Driven Rapid Innovation

Empower your organization with the cloud to embrace innovation and emerging technologies at a faster pace with lower barriers to adoption

Cloud Optimization and Automation

Embrace DevOps, Automation, High Availability, and License Optimization to deliver cost-effective, enterprise-grade products

Cloud Migration Approach

According to an industry survey, over 89% of IT decision-makers reported underestimating the complexity of cloud migration. With a Global Delivery Team and Cloud Engineering CoE paired with key strategic technology partnerships with Microsoft, Google Cloud, IBM, AWS, and more - Miraclesoft is your partner of choice for cloud migration.

Our cloud-first, innovation-powered DNA has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies scale their digital transformation initiatives with the cloud. Through a curated Cloud Migration Framework, we can assist in rationalizing your workloads for cloud migration and adopting lift-and-shift, re-platforming, cloud-native products, and more approaches for success.

Cloud Migration Frame Work

Software License Management

Miraclesoft has partnered with TD SYNNEX, a Fortune 100 Value Added Reseller, and leading cloud providers to offer best-in-class cloud services and infrastructure at unbeatable prices. We offer both software and hardware solutions combined with industry-best flexible pricing options and advisory services that will help make your software licensing and purchasing journey seamless. Talk to our teams today to discuss more about our value-added services for software purchasing and get a quote for your next cloud purchase.

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Advisory and Strategy Services

Take advantage of our bundled advisory and strategy services to pick the right-fit cloud solution with an optimized cost strategy

Value-Added Partner Discounts

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership for cloud services and infrastructure by leveraging Miraclesoft’s partnerships and deep partner discounts

Innovation and Adoption Funds

Empower your cloud purchasing through value-added services such as Innovation Funds, Proof of Value exercises, and Adoption Workshops

Are you ready to transform your enterprise?

Strategic Partnerships

Miraclesoft is proud to be aligned with some of the top technology leaders in the space of Cloud Engineering, Services, and Infrastructure. Our strategic alliances empower us to deliver cutting-edge, enterprise-grade solutions to our global customers and allow us to be at the forefront of innovation.

Thought Leadership

Establishing a Digital Integration Layer for a Leading Paint Manufacturer

Cloud Application
Business Challenge

Our customer is a leading manufacturer and distributor of paints, coatings, and floor coverings related to industrial, commercial, and retail usage.

The customer had numerous on-premise, legacy systems including mainframes, off-the-shelf applications, and custom-built products. These applications, along with their modernization efforts, were connected through numerous messaging and point-to-point integrations. The cost to maintain this monolithic integration layer along with an inability to achieve modern digital results and experiences due to legacy capabilities were driving factors for the customer to choose a microservices and event-based architecture for their digital strategy.

Our Solution

Miraclesoft’s Digital Integration CoE Team conducted an in-depth analysis of their inability to achieve modern digital results and suggested to

  • Strategize and Architect an Event Driven Architecture for Digital Integration based on Azure
  • The legacy ERP systems were decoupled from the integration layer and event fabric to provide fast data access
  • Developed an Event Driven Architecture for Digital Integration based on Azure
  • Azure bus services and Logic apps were implemented to consume events from legacy systems and provide transformation capabilities
  • A secure API layer powered by Azure API Management was developed to enable internal and external subscribers to access critical business data
  • Cloud-native APM solutions are used for continuous monitoring and observability
  • Data access is enabled for 60 days in CosmosDB along with establishing connectivity with Data warehouse and MDM systems
Customer Benefits

The benefits of customer included,

  • The Digital Integration layer that was decoupled and established could scale securely for future business growth
  • A Trusted data environment was created to securely access, process, and subscribe to data events.
  • High-speed data storage on the cloud was delivered to provide integration abilities for future applications and business domains.
  • The business experienced exponential improvement through real-time streaming and integrations.
Technology Scope
  • Azure Service Bus, Logic Apps, Cosmos DB, Snowflake, Oracle ERP, Azure Event Grid

Data Modernization for a Leading Manufacturer and Distributor of Hardwood Lumber

Cloud Application
Business Challenge

Our customer is a premier hardwoods supplier with more than 40+ manufacturing and warehousing facilities, and serving manufacturers and distributors with numerous domestic hardwood lumber species.

They were facing challenges to merge data from multiple legacy systems and diverse ERPs into a unified platform, to establish a single, reliable source of truth for organizational data, while maintaining data integrity and system interoperability.

Our Solution

Our team started providing strategic services to help the customer gain functional knowledge and ease of use by working closely with their people, processes, and data.

As a part of the implementation, some of the key milestones were,

  • Seamless Integration from diverse sources into Azure SQL Managed Instance (MI), establishing a near real-time, centralized data repository
  • Domain-based approach to centralize data, ensuring efficient aggregation, management, and scalability of data
  • Focussed on assessing and prioritizing key initiatives and KPIs, aligning them with the customer’s business strategy within a Modern Agile Delivery Lifecycle Framework
  • The development of Power BI reports was a crucial step, enabling the business to make data-driven decisions effectively
Customer Benefits

  • Integration into a centralized Data Hub allowed the customer to gain access to reliable, unified data, facilitating more accurate and timely decision-making
  • Consolidation of multiple legacy systems and ERPs into a single platform simplifies data management, reducing complexity and improving efficiency
  • Implementation of Azure Data pipelines ensured near real-time data availability, enhancing business intelligence and operational responsiveness
  • Created a single, reliable reference point for all organizational data, eliminating inconsistencies and data silos
  • A comprehensive, 360-degree view of any given data point, enabling a deeper understanding of interconnected data elements and insights
Technology Scope
  • Azure Infrastructure, Azure DevOps, Azure SQL MI DB, Azure Data Factory, Azure Functions, Azure DataBricks, Power BI

Warehouse Monitoring Platform for Global Logistics Provider

Cloud Application
Business Challenge

Our customer is a leading provider of temperature-controlled cold storage and warehouses across the globe. One of their main challenges was their ability to provide customers with a self-service monitoring system that would allow them to view their facilities and the associated temperature conditions in near real-time.

They were looking to modernize their current legacy temperature and humidity monitoring devices to put in place a modern and efficient IoT-based system that could allow them to gain more business value.

Our Solution
  • Architected a connected, cloud-based IoT solution for monitoring temperature and humidity in their warehouses
  • Implemented a network of temperature/humidity sensors along with secure, internet-connected gateways in their warehouses
  • Created a cloud-based, scalable solution for securely aggregating data from the sensors in the warehouses
  • Created RBAC (Role Based Access Control) dashboards that provided business teams visibility into the operations of the warehouses
  • Configured infrastructure automation with Ansible, Docker, and AWS to provide an easily composable solution
Customer Benefits

  • Achieved higher visibility in their warehouse operations by being able to visualize the real-time status of temperature and humidity
  • Extended their monitoring solution to achieve near real-time alerting for warehouse staff in case of any threshold breaches in temperature
  • Created a new channel of business by offering customers value-add visibility into their warehouses
  • Reaped benefits of a reusable solution that could be expanded to their entire warehouse ecosystem across the globe
Technology Scope
  • AWS, Rabbit MQ, Connected Devices, Node JS, Python, Ansible, Docker Swarm