Intelligent Process Automation

Empower your processes and workflows with RPA, AI/ML, and OCR to improve efficiency, create better experiences, and reduce manual work

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Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation

Organizations that aspire to transform digitally are adopting Intelligent Process Automation as a critical part of their digital transformation strategy. Across industries and business domains, Process Automation promises several benefits such as improved cost-efficiency, enhanced employee productivity, higher process accuracy, and better customer service. Analysts forecast that over 65% of business processes within enterprises will be automated, thus allowing organizations to adopt Augmented Automation and free up valuable time for human employees to focus on innovation.

Intelligent Process Automation

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Impact of Enterprise Automation

Intelligent Automation combines the power of Robotic Process Automation(RPA) with advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Document Understanding, Machine Learning, and more to deliver innovative process improvements for the enterprise. Through the augmentation of robots to humans, enterprises are enabling their teams to work on more strategic, value-added initiatives for the business.

Better process management across the organization means improved visibility and being able to rapidly address changing demands. Process automation offers a cost-efficient way to supercharge your business processes, ensure compliance, and empower both speed and accuracy. Process automation doesn’t just end with automation but also unlocks meaningful insights, value, and business outcomes.

Improved Compliance and Efficiency

Remove errors, delays, and inefficiencies that are caused due to manual processes

Process Optimization for Innovation

Optimize your processes and in return understand where to innovate your business

Reduced Operational Costs

Augment humans with robots to reduce operational costs and improve strategic focus

Strengthens Service Excellence

Faster, accurate and automated processes help your business to deliver exceptional experiences

Our Capabilities

As enterprises move further along the path of digitization, Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) continues to gain popularity among leaders who are looking to empower their organizations with true digital capabilities. Miraclesoft’s Intelligent Automation CoE specializes in combining the power of Robotic Process Automation(RPA), Document Understanding, Generative AI, Conversational AI, Process Mining, and Machine Learning to deliver enterprise-wide automation and process innovation.

Process Automation(RPA)

Automate your business processes to improve organizational productivity and gain process efficiency

Generative AI and Foundation Models

Deliver true AI experiences such as semantic knowledge retrieval and enterprise virtual AI agents

Document Understanding

Extend your automation to unstructured content with AI-based document processing capabilities

Process Discovery and Mining

Analyze your business processes to identify potential automation candidates and key benefits

Our Service Offerings

Miraclesoft’s end-to-end Process Automation offerings provide best-in-class services for organizations that are at varying levels of automation maturity. Our innovative services are focused on delivering a true automation experience that will bring the best of cutting-edge technology, business processes, and human empowerment. Together with RPA, we bring our expertise in Generative AI, Document Understanding, Machine Learning, Process Mining, and more that will truly empower your automation journey.

Outcome-based Bot Development

Rapidly scale your automation pipeline with our fixed bid, outcome-based bot development model

Rapid60 Kickstarter Program

Utilize an agile, fail-fast methodology to conduct Automation PoVs and advocate for enterprise-scale automation

Process Discovery Workshop(s)

Deliver "Art of the Possible" workshops and roadshows for your LoB teams and help unearth automation potential

Licensing and Renewals

Collaborate with our CoE experts for right-fit platform selection, license optimization, and discounts

Agile Automation Squads

Empower cost-optimized, high-quality global automation talent in a scalable and customized squad model

Managed Services and Support

Enable a fully SLA-driven, outcome-based, fixed-fee managed service model across your automation landscape

Powering Asynchronous Communication for a Supply Chain Solutions Provider

Edge Integration and API Management
Application Development and Delivery
Business Challenge

Our customer is one of the reputed logistics providers that combines its core products of Air Freight, Ocean Freight, and Logistics to deliver globally integrated, tailor-made end-to-end solutions. They sought a reliable messaging system for asynchronous and event-driven communication within and between applications.

Our Solution
  • Our custom solution was built by integrating the technologies, including IBM API Connect, IBM Data Power, and IBM MQ
  • We provided the best practices, standards, development methodologies, and guidelines to generate revenue sources that help in expanding the business
  • Implemented a complex Air Freight Carrier Messaging solution to make it highly available
  • Developed and delivered enterprise APIs using API Connect and IBM DataPower Gateway to streamline data exchange
  • Integrated the external partner web services and also implemented the custom policy to integrate API Connect with IBM MQ
Customer Benefits

Through our innovative services, the customer was able to experience the below features,

  • Digital business innovation and transformations with APIs
  • Optimize the performance of APIs using leading, standard industry practices
  • Drive new sources of revenue, acquire more partners, and enhance business growth
Technology Scope

The products and technologies used in this effort by our team and the customer were,

  • IBM DataPower
  • IBM API Connect
  • IBM MQ

NLP and Machine Learning Powered Document Classification for Legal Firm

Big Data and Analytics
Intelligent Process Automation
Business Challenge

With over 750+ lawyers across the globe, our customer is a powerhouse of a law firm. One of their major challenges was their lack of ability to run advanced analytics on their case files and other related documents.

They were looking for a custom solution that would allow them to extract and index their case files and provide them with an option to categorize these documents based on the lawyers involved, the geography of the case, the client names, and more.

Our Solution
  • Analyzed a wide variety of sample case files and other legal documents that the customer wanted to index
  • Architected and designed a cloud-based, open source powered solution that would satisfy the customer’s needs
  • Build a document processing workflow using Python to extract text from documents in various formats (Documents, Slides, Emails, etc.)
  • Built Natural Language Process models for Named Entity Extraction to extract relevant information and metadata from case files
Customer Benefits
  • Able to utilize a cost-effective and scalable intelligent document processing workflow
  • Gained the ability to search, categorize and gain insights into their treasure trove of documents
  • Were able to provide this as a service to their business partners to aid them in their day to day operations
Technology Scope
  • Python, Tika, SOLR, Mongo DB, Spark, Flask

Automating Invoice Processing with OCR and RPA for Healthcare Firm

Microsoft Platform
Intelligent Process Automation
Business Challenge

As a leading provider of healthcare improvement solutions and services, our customer has a large network of vendors and suppliers from which they receive a large number of invoices via email and other delivery channels. Their Accounts Payable team requires a lot of manual effort to process, validate, and post these invoices in their ERP.

As a part of their process transformation efforts with RPA, they wanted to implement OCR-based automation for their invoice processing needs.

Our Solution
  • Analyzed the incoming invoice formats and the fields that needed to be extracted
  • Conducted a rapid pilot to assess the ability of OCR and NLP to extract the required information
  • Designed and documented their Process and Solution Design Documentation (PDD/SDD)
  • Implemented a reusable framework using UiPath’s Re:Framework in order to allow for the customer to scale to more vendor invoice formats in the future
  • Developed required OCR layouts and integrated with the RPA workflow
Customer Benefits
  • Achieved close to 95% straight-through processing of invoices without human intervention
  • Achieved a fully automated end-to-end invoice processing pipeline that took digitally scanned invoices (PDFs), extracted the data, validated the items, and posted to their ERP
  • Improved the vendor and supplier experience by processing invoices in a quicker and error-free manner
  • Repurposed human workforce in Accounts Payable team to work on more value-add work
Technology Scope
  • UiPath’s Enterprise RPA Platform, Abbyy OCR, Workday

Customer Application Processing with OCR and RPA for Insurance Firm

Big Data and Analytics
Intelligent Process Automation
Business Challenge

Our customer is a leading provider of life insurance and they were looking to improve their new customer onboarding process. Even though they had an online web application, they still were receiving paper applications for new customers and this was leading to a lot of manual work.

Our Solution
  • Analyzed customer’s paper-based applications and their respective formats based on various products and regions
  • Conducted a rapid pilot to assess the ability of OCR and NLP to extract the required information
  • Automated the end-to-end flow for new customer onboarding and underwriting using Robotic Process Automation and Optical Character Recognition
  • Built custom OCR based integration between RPA and Mainframe emulator to enter application data into green screens
  • Helped the customer to set their enterprise RPA platform and deployed their customer onboarding workflow
Customer Benefits
  • Achieved a fully automated end-to-end customer onboarding process that took digitally scanned PDFs, processed the data, validated the information and inputted into the mainframe screens
  • Were able to improve their turnaround time for processing customer applications and hence improve overall customer experience
  • Experienced reduced errors in the overall process due to automation
  • Allowed their FTEs to spend their efforts on more value added task rather than on the manual data entry work
Technology Scope
  • UiPath RPA, Abbyy OCR, Mainframes

Automation Journey with Miraclesoft

We have seen first-hand how Intelligent Automation augmented with Human Potential has been able to transform organizations for the better. At Miraclesoft, we recognize that automation is not a project, but a journey. Our team is focused on integrating processes, technology, and people to enable intelligent digital operations which in turn deliver business value to your organization. When you start your automation journey with Miraclesoft, you are working with a mature team of experts who have deployed Intelligent Automation initiatives to numerous global enterprises successfully.

Automation Journey with Miraclesoft

Rapid60 for Automation - Kickstart Program

Are you looking to get started with your Automation journey? Miraclesoft’s Intelligent Automation CoE team can help you get started with our specially curated Rapid60 program for Automation. From identifying the right pilot processes to advocating the business value of automation, our experts will assist you along the journey and ensure guaranteed success for your business.

More than 53% of RPA PoCs fail. Our team has curated a fail-fast, agile methodology that will yield the greatest results for your automation investments.

Identify Pilot Processes

Leverage Miraclesoft’s process evaluation framework to rank candidate processes for automation potential

Process Understanding

Collaborate with business and IT to understand, document, and design the automated process of the future

Rapid Proof of Value

Watch as Miraclesoft’s Intelligent Automation experts use the magic of automation to deliver your first robot

Champion Automation

Advocate for the value of augmented automation within the enterprise through roadshows, workshops and demos

Strategic Partnerships

Miraclesoft is proud to be aligned with some of the top technology leaders in the space of Intelligent Automation. Our strategic alliances empower us to deliver cutting-edge, enterprise-grade solutions to our global customers and allow us to be at the forefront of innovation.

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