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Our teams have years of experience helping enterprises get high-quality technical talent in niche and cutting-edge technologies

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Talent Augmentation

AI-Driven Talent Augmentation

The rapid pace of change in today's market requires that businesses adapt and transform themselves nimbly. Digital transformation empowered by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, and Advanced Analytics, requires businesses to adopt new ways of thinking and executing technology projects using resources who have specialized skills across the technology landscape.

At Miracle, we put our employees first; we believe in building a tightly-knit community of bright minds by understanding and empowering their potential. We connect some of the sharpest minds in the industry to the brightest businesses to solve cutting-edge technology challenges.


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Employee Retention

Your Reliable Talent Partner

Through our team of technology-enabled recruiters and an in-depth understanding of the unique hiring needs for our clients, we can help you find the right talent needed to execute your projects successfully. Through our ecosystem of delivery centers and numerous Centers of Excellence, we can augment talent to your teams in onsite, nearshore, and offshore models.

AI-powered Recruitment

We have enabled our talent acquisition teams with AI-powered platforms that assist them in sourcing the right candidates for your needs

Delivery Centers

Our global presence with over 2500+ employees along with our CoE ecosystem helps us to augment technical talent to execute your projects successfully

Enterprise Understanding

With over 25+ years of experience and a proven record of serving 42 of today's Fortune 100 - we understand the needs of a digital enterprise


Through partnerships with leading academic institutes and our technology partners, we help cultivate the right talent with tomorrow's skill sets

Secure Work Environment

Leverage talent with peace of mind, knowing they operate from a secure workplace and utilize protected devices, ensuring your data safety

Thorough Background Checks

We meticulously conduct thorough background checks to guarantee the integrity and trustworthiness of our talent

Forecasting Workshops

Our Managed Technology Centers’s analyze and anticipate customer needs and hiring trends to reduce time-to-talent cycles

IT Gurukulam Empowerment

Curated over 3 decades, our empowerment and enablement program is designed to provide talent customized to your needs

Our Talent Acqusition Workflow

Talent Processing

Are you ready to transform your enterprise?

Talent Delivery Models

With a presence of 2500+ employees across the globe, we can help you with your talent augmentation needs through various delivery models. By customizing your delivery options, you can achieve the right fit for talent to work in sync with your teams.

Onsite Resources

Bring on technology resources to work hand-in-hand with your teams and in your work environment

Onshore Resources

Utilize Miracle's presence across the country to establish remote teams that can help you deliver projects

Offshore Resources

Optimize costs by utilizing Miracle's expansive offshore delivery capabilities and skilled talent

Our Core/Flex Model

Powered by a proven global delivery ecosystem, Miracle's Core/Flex Capacity model allows you to bring in a combination of the right skill sets needed for your success along with the flexibility and nimbleness of an on-demand team. The model allows you to staff your core skills while leveraging an on-demand pool of resources to optimize costs and scale your teams as per demand.

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Our Core/Flex Model

How does it work?

Through constant and continuous improvement, we have refined our talent acquisition model to be nimble and agile in order to support the digital transformation journeys of our customers. Along with a large team of technical recruiters that understand your hiring needs, we also conduct thorough technical screenings, background checks, drug tests and reference verifications to help you find the best talent available.

Understand your requirement

Understand your requirement

By understanding your team's vision and the role that you are trying to hire for, we will map the right candidates for the requirement

Find the right candidate

Find the
right candidate

Aided by our AI-powered applicant tracking system, our experienced recruiters will work with candidates to find a good mutual fit for the position

Screen and select talent

and select talent

Speak with potential candidates to gauge their technical expertise, communications and team skills to make sure that they are the right match for you

Onboard talent and support

Onboard talent and support

Upon candidate selection, our team will closely work with the candidate to be onboarded and will assist them as they get settled into their work with you

Agile Development Squads

Agile Development Squads

Enterprises of today are demanded to deliver high quality, technology-enabled services, and products in order for them to be successful. Through Miracle's Agile Development Squads model, you can add purpose-built, multi-disciplinary teams that can help to enable an agile co-development model for your digital needs. The model allows you to add highly skilled and certified technical resources as an extended arm to your teams.

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Our Delivery Models

At Miracle, we believe in being able to provide cost-effective, value added and high quality IT services to our customers across the globe. To ensure that we can support you in the best way possible, we have cultivated our delivery models to be best-of-breed for the needs of a truly digital enterprise. We can customize our models to fit your organization’s needs in order to deliver results while optimizing costs and improving efficiency.

Talent Augmentation

Augment the right technology skill sets and talent with your teams so that they can be successful

Managed Services and Support

Utilize our teams for your operational activities while you focus on innovation in your business

Agile Development Squads

Leverage purpose-built, agile-enabled squads that can assist in your product development goals

Core/Flex Capability Model

Add the power of our on-demand services model to enable a flexible technology delivery team

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