On-Demand Support and Development Model

Gain maximum service value through a flexible, pay-as-you-go services model for high quality talent

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On Demand Services

Our On-Demand Model

Empowered through Miracle's Global Delivery capabilities, our On-Demand Services provide customers with a flexible model that can help IT teams get things done. The model allows you to rapidly scale up and down teams of highly qualified technical experts that can assist you with both development and support activities. All this, and you only have to pay for what you use and get great perks such as rollover hours and innovation funding.

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Rapidly Scale Up and Down

Get on-demand access to a large pool of highly skilled and certified technology resources

Pay for what you use :)

Have a nimble team that you can flex up and down while paying for only what you use every month

Extensive Catalog of Services

Engage our technical expertise and resources across a wide spectrum of services and technologies

On-Demand Team

What is an On-Demand Team?

An on-demand team is a combination of resources that are pooled together to support a particular tech stack. Based on your IT environment, our team will put together the right mix of technology, experience and project management to be able to support your on-demand, seasonal and ad-hoc work. This team is available with a quick ramp up time and a passion to deliver high quality IT services.

Why use On-Demand Services?

Does your team have seasonal workloads?

Does your team not have enough bandwidth to handle the current load?

Are you receiving ad-hoc work that is too small to justify full-time resources?

Is your team's work too diverse that one resource can't handle?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then Miracle's On-Demand Services model is a perfect fit for your needs. Pick your technologies, your monthly capacity and start getting things done!

How does it work?

Select Your Model

Your Model

Work with us to define your bucket size (hours per month), availability hours, monthly rollover options, and more to get you setup

Team Ramp Up

Ramp Up

Provision of remote access to your infrastructure for our resources and enablement to gain initial knowledge about your technology landscape

Send Your Requests

Your Requests

Start utilizing our experts as per your demands in an ad-hoc manner and we will invoice you every month for the hours that you use

Process Improvements

Process Improvements

As we understand more about your systems and processes, our team will be able to suggest approaches for automation and modernization

Frequently Asked Questions

For any hours that are used beyond the monthly allocation, we will either use the rollover hours from previous months(if available) or those hours will be charged as per the standard hourly bill rate that has been agreed upon in the on-demand services contract.

Yes, absolutely. Our approach comes with the rollover model which allows you to utilize hours that were unused in the previous months. Limitations do apply to the maximum number of hours that can rollover per month.

Our average contract length is usually 12 months but can be made flexible based on the skill sets and overall consumption capacity required for your needs.

Our On-Demand teams are located at our Global Delivery Centers in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh(India) and are spread across multiple offshore facilities to facilitate geo-redundancy for projects.

Miracle’s teams can either work within your ITIL systems and processes for tracking incidents and tickets (or) we can also provision our own ITIL system to manage the work assigned if that is what you prefer.

Our Delivery Models

At Miracle, we believe in being able to provide cost effective, value added and high quality IT services to our customers across the globe. To ensure that we can support you in the best way possible, we have cultivated our delivery models to be best-of-breed for the needs of a truly digital enterprise.

In all of our models, our teams will work for continuous process improvement by ensuring safe-landing for support (near-term), optimization (mid-term), and transformation (long-term). We focus on efficiency gains through a shift-left approach, playbooks (SOPs), automation, and long-term fixes to your environment to optimize costs and pass back savings to you.

Managed Services and Support

  • SLA driven outcome-based model where Miracle takes complete ownership so that you can disengage from day-to-day management of tasks and resources, and focus on management through results
  • Available for 8x5, 24x5 and 24x7 models based on customer's need
  • Onsite, Nearshore and Offshore models available
  • Best used for application, data and infrastructure support needs of your organization - let us handle your daily activities so that you can focus on your business
  • Monthly pricing based on SLAs, shift coverage, size of the team, and hours of support

Core/Flex Capacity Model

  • Flexible capacity model for both support and development needs that allows you to contain costs while providing scalability through a combination of a core (dedicated) team and a on-demand add-on
  • Available for Business Hours Support ( Customizable)
  • Nearshore and Offshore models available
  • Best used for development teams and support teams where there might seasonal workloads that need additional capacity (or) changes in business need to be accommodate quickly
  • Monthly fixed pricing for core team with pay-as-you-go pricing for flex team

On-Demand Support and Development

  • Flexible capacity model for support and development activities where workloads are variable (or) sporadic and suitable for situations where the demand for work cannot be forecasted
  • Available for Business Hours Support (Customizable)
  • Nearshore and Offshore models available
  • Best used for support and enhancement activities for stable systems where workloads can be ad-hoc and un-scheduled - ideal for sporadic demand where demand forecasting is not optimal
  • Monthly pay-as-you-go pricing model with options for rollovers and top-ups

Why work with Miracle?

Miracle Software Systems is a minority certified, global systems integrator with over 30 years of experience delivering best-in-class solutions for global enterprises. With over 2500 employees across the globe, we have built extensive expertise and knowledge across the enterprise technology stack that enables us to deliver innovative, high-quality, and cost optimized services to our customers.

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