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Microsoft is the industry leader in enterprise solutions, focusing on amplifying human ingenuity, providing top-notch experience, and enabling organizations to thrive and transform.

As a Solution partner with Data and AI expertise, Miraclesoft is your trusted partner of choice to truly harness Microsoft’s cutting-edge technologies and drive innovation that fuels your digital transformation journey.

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Our Capabilities

Miracle’s Digital Practice, comprised of diverse and certified technical experts, are dedicated to help our customers assess, understand, adopt and scale technology solutions based on Microsoft’s industry-leading offerings.

Digital Products

Deliver best-in-class experiences and digital products for your ecosystem leveraging .NET, Blazor and MAUI

Enterprise Integration

Establish connected experiences and products through cloud integration services such as Logic Apps and API Management

Business Collaboration

Empower your organization's productivity through the world’s best collaboration platform with M365 and SharePoint

Power Platform

Rapidly enable transformative products and process automation through Microsoft’s Power Platform

Cloud Engineering

Securely scale your digital transformation journey with the power of Microsoft Azure and the economics of cloud-scale

Enterprise Solutions

Maximize your enterprise productivity with a powerful suite of digital applications and processes powered by Dynamics 365

Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the potential of AI/ML within your organization with Azure’s industry-leading AI offerings including OpenAI

Data and Analytics

Harness your organization’s data to deliver transformational business insights through Azure Synapse and Power BI

Our Services

With over 3 decades of enterprise experience working with Fortune 500 customers, we offer an extensive portfolio of Microsoft services tailored to meet your diverse transformation needs in a cost-optimized framework. From Rapid Prototyping to Digital Product Development, Miraclesoft has certified experts, CoE ecosystems, and innovation labs that can help you deliver results rapidly.

Agile Product Development

Leverage the power of Microsoft Azure, .NET, Open AI and more to seamlessly deliver digital products that drive business transformation and new revenue channels

Rapid Innovation Prototyping

Combine cutting-edge Microsoft technologies and AI platforms with our fail-fast approach to nurture innovation and embrace enterprise transformation

Managed Services

Streamline your technology operations with our comprehensive 24x7, SLA Driven Managed Services for SQL Server, M365, SharePoint, Azure, and more

Talent Augmentation

Curate the right Microsoft talent for your digital transformation needs through Miraclesoft’s AI-powered talent acquisition

Microsoft Software Licensing

Miraclesoft has partnered with TD SYNNEX, a Fortune 100 Value Added Reseller with over 5 decades of success, and Microsoft to offer best-in-class technologies at unbeatable prices. We offer both software and hardware solutions combined with industry-best flexible pricing options and advisory services that will help make your software licensing and purchasing journey seamless. Talk to our teams today to discuss more about Miraclesoft’s value-added services for software purchasing and get a quote today for your next Microsoft license purchase.


Collaboration Apps Modernization for a Global Leader in Modular Flooring

Microsoft Platform
Cloud Applications
Business Challenge

Our customer is a leader in modular flooring offering a wide range of collections, including carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, vinyl sheets, and rubber flooring.

They were leveraging a collaboration suite made up of legacy tools such as Lotus Notes and Nintex, leading to key challenges such as lack of platform efficiency, inability to scale for modern collaboration needs, and expensive platform maintenance.

Our Solution

Miraclesoft’s Microsoft CoE Team assisted the customer in conducting an in-depth gap analysis for their digital footprint and assisted in the platform modernization and app development.

  • Built apps using Hillbilly template which includes web technologies like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • SharePoint was used to customize forms in the lists and in addition to this Metro UI was used to provide a seamless user experience
  • All the new workflow process is maintained in the JS File, which also works as a data source
  • Email templates were created for approval, rejection, and completed tasks
  • Reminder and notification emails were sent regarding approval or rejection
  • When a request was submitted, the table data was exported into lists that were created or updated based on the conditions
Customer Benefits

The benefits for the customer included,

  • The client now benefits from an optimized and streamlined process for managing the requests, resulting in increased efficiency and operational effectiveness
  • End users have easy access to the lists and all the requests can be seen on one page
  • The approval process has become much smoother along with the email notifications for the upcoming task approval
  • The cost was reduced since there were templates for everything and also reduced the time for developing new applications
Technology Scope
  • SharePoint, Power Automate, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, RestAPI Queries

Citizen Chatbot Development Platform for Pharmaceutical Giant

Microsoft Platform
Business Challenge

Our customer is a global leader in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods. With over 130 years of heritage and over 100,000 employees worldwide, they are truly a leader in their industry.

They were faced with an enormous technical challenge to build and deliver custom chatbots across different business entities inside their organization. Despite having an in-house development team, the traditional methods of developing chatbots from scratch for every business need was slowly translating into a major hurdle for their overall success. They were looking for a custom-built framework and platform that would allow them to rapidly fulfill chatbot demand requests.

Our Solution
  • Analyzed their chatbot projects over the past year and also the ones in the development pipeline to understand common features that business users were requesting
  • Architected and developed a state-of-the-art framework that could enable citizen chatbot developers to build, customize, and deploy chatbots with an intuitive web based interface
  • Continued engaging in continuous development of this product and delivered exciting features like - dialog flows, API connectors, knowledge bases, adaptive cards, voice, and much more
  • Integrations Miracle's mInsights platform to provide insights and analytics on conversational lots from the chatbots including metrics such as user adoption, satisfaction rate and more
Customer Benefits
  • Noticeable increase in the efficiency of the entire chatbot development lifecycle
  • Significant decrease in overall turn-around time for building and delivering chatbots for business use cases
  • A self-serve model for managing knowledge bases resulted in greater adoption of the product across several business entities inside the organization
  • Ability to view near real-time metrics and analytics that visualize how the chatbots are performing
  • Ability to leverage Microsoft's ever-expanding portfolio of cognitive services to develop advanced and user friendly chatbots
Technology Scope
  • Microsoft Bot Framework, Microsoft LUIS, Microsoft QnA Maker, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Node JS, Neptune Planet 9 DX, PostGre SQL DB

BLE Beacon-based Trailer Tracking Solution for Beverage Manufacturer

Microsoft Platform
Business Challenge

Like any other beverage manufacturing company, our customer also had to deal with problems associated with Yard Management. With a daily average of more than 600 trailers parked inside a huge manufacturing facility, it was time consuming and inefficient to manually locate trailers in the yard. This resulted in a significant amount of fuel loss for trucks to drive around the yard to find trailers and also made it hard to visualize which docking stations were open for loading/unloading.

The customer wanted to implement a location-based solution that allow them to improve the efficiency of their operations while also gaining more visibility into their yards capacity, their docks and their truck drivers.

Our Solution
  • Performed multiple on-site visits to research their current operations so that we could devise a cost-effective plan and technologically advanced solution that addressed their specific needs
  • Developed a tablet(Android) application for guards of the yard who could use the app to program BLE Beacons and attach them to all trailers entering the yard
  • The same tablet application was made available to truck drivers who could use it to track and garner near realtime GPS coordinates of the trailers
  • Developed crowd-sourced location mapping algorithms that collect data from all the truck driver's tablets and map out the location of the trailers with BLE beacons
  • Developed a web application for yard managers to visualize the open docks and post jobs so that trailers can be moved for parking spots to docks for loading/unloading
Customer Benefits
  • The solution has helped to significantly improve the efficiency of their truck drivers, thus optimizing the overall movement of trailers in their yards
  • Allowed higher visibility for their operations team to manage and view jobs that are occuring in the yard
  • BLE Beacons based solution allowed them to reuse tracking hardware across 3rd party trailers
  • The tablet app improved the user experience for truck drivers as they could use maps to identify the location of trailers easily versus having to drive around the yard searching for trailers
Technology Scope
  • Angular, Android, NodeJS, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft Azure SQL, Estimote BLE Beacons, iBeacon Protocol, Azure Event Hubs

Establishing a Digital Integration Layer for a Leading Paint Manufacturer

Business Challenge

Our customer is a leading manufacturer and distributor of paints, coatings, and floor coverings related to industrial, commercial, and retail usage.

The customer had numerous on-premise, legacy systems including mainframes, off-the-shelf applications, and custom-built products. These applications, along with their modernization efforts, were connected through numerous messaging and point-to-point integrations. The cost to maintain this monolithic integration layer along with an inability to achieve modern digital results and experiences due to legacy capabilities were driving factors for the customer to choose a microservices and event-based architecture for their digital strategy.

Our Solution

Miraclesoft’s Digital Integration CoE Team conducted an in-depth analysis of their inability to achieve modern digital results and suggested to

  • Strategize and Architect an Event Driven Architecture for Digital Integration based on Azure
  • The legacy ERP systems were decoupled from the integration layer and event fabric to provide fast data access
  • Developed an Event Driven Architecture for Digital Integration based on Azure
  • Azure bus services and Logic apps were implemented to consume events from legacy systems and provide transformation capabilities
  • A secure API layer powered by Azure API Management was developed to enable internal and external subscribers to access critical business data
  • Cloud-native APM solutions are used for continuous monitoring and observability
  • Data access is enabled for 60 days in CosmosDB along with establishing connectivity with Data warehouse and MDM systems
Customer Benefits

The benefits of customer included,

  • The Digital Integration layer that was decoupled and established could scale securely for future business growth
  • A Trusted data environment was created to securely access, process, and subscribe to data events
  • High-speed data storage on the cloud was delivered to provide integration abilities for future applications and business domains
  • The business experienced exponential improvement through real-time streaming and integrations
Technology Scope
  • Azure Service Bus, Logic Apps, Cosmos DB, Snowflake, Oracle ERP, Azure Event Grid

Data Modernization for a leading manufacturer and distributor of Hardwood Lumber

Microsoft Platform
Cloud Applications
Business Challenge

Our customer is a premier hardwoods supplier with more than 40+ manufacturing and warehousing facilities, and serving manufacturers and distributors with numerous domestic hardwood lumber species.

They were facing challenges to merge data from multiple legacy systems and diverse ERPs into a unified platform, to establish a single, reliable source of truth for organizational data, while maintaining data integrity and system interoperability.

Our Solution

Our team started providing strategic services to help the customer gain functional knowledge and ease of use by working closely with their people, processes, and data.

As a part of the implementation, some of the key milestones were,

  • Seamless Integration from diverse sources into Azure SQL Managed Instance (MI), establishing a near real-time, centralized data repository
  • Domain-based approach to centralize data, ensuring efficient aggregation, management, and scalability of data
  • Focussed on assessing and prioritizing key initiatives and KPIs, aligning them with the customer’s business strategy within a Modern Agile Delivery Lifecycle Framework
  • The development of Power BI reports was a crucial step, enabling the business to make data-driven decisions effectively
Customer Benefits
  • Integration into a centralized Data Hub allowed the customer to gain access to reliable, unified data, facilitating more accurate and timely decision-making
  • Consolidation of multiple legacy systems and ERPs into a single platform simplifies data management, reducing complexity and improving efficiency
  • Implementation of Azure Data pipelines ensured near real-time data availability, enhancing business intelligence and operational responsiveness
  • Created a single, reliable reference point for all organizational data, eliminating inconsistencies and data silos
  • A comprehensive, 360-degree view of any given data point, enabling a deeper understanding of interconnected data elements and insights
Technology Scope
  • Azure Infrastructure, Azure DevOps, Azure SQL MI DB, Azure Data Factory, Azure Functions, Azure DataBricks, Power BI

SharePoint based Document Management System for Global Manufacturer

Microsoft Platform
Business Challenge

Our Customer is a leading global material sciences company that manufactures and markets copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepregs used to fabricate advanced multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs). They have workforces around three continents. Some of the main challenges included,

  • Approver needs to be predetermined based on document creator and type of document
  • Lock document for changes after approved
  • Only admin can reopen(i.e. edit/delete) approved document​
  • Ability to approve, reject, and leave comments from within the email/Microsoft Teams
  • Reminder notification with all pending items per approver
  • Document Id, Metadata searchable in SharePoint

They were looking for a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with their current document and data storage system which is highly configurable.

Our Implementation
  • Initial Assessment and Discovery
  • Design SharePoint site office 365 group with modern document library
  • SharePoint list for predetermined approvers
  • Activate document id feature in SharePoint
  • Create approval process using Power Automate as workflow engine
  • Using Adaptive cards for Outlook Actionable Messages
  • Send Email Reminder notification with all pending items per approver
  • Update file level permissions using Power Automate and SharePoint Rest API
  • SharePoint modern UI column formatting & view formatting
  • SharePoint enterprise keywords search
Customer Benefits
  • SharePoint Modern UI
  • Easy to change file information and access previews and more details
  • Easy to sort, group, sort and resize columns
  • Responsive Design, Modern mobile experience
  • SharePoint team site in MS Teams
  • Faster load times
  • Ability to add an approver
  • Document co-authoring
  • Information management policies are a set of rules that allows organizations to control content
Technology Scope
  • SharePoint Online, Power Automate, Microsoft Teams, Outlook 365 online , Outlook actionable messages (adaptive cards)

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